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4 points to remember when searching for the ultimate “Master Jee”

It’s never too easy to find perfect clothes that fit you properly. Even after getting your hands on a flawless “Jora” or “suit,” you still face size and fitting issues. To stay away from roaming around the roads of “liberty market” or “Packages mall,” the easiest way to save your time and budget is by […]

Why Rish Couture Pret wear is a perfect choice for you?

Pret wear – a ready to wear collection is a quick and easy way to get rid of tailors and “fazool k khaarchy”. With various color options and print designs Pret wear collection is becoming an attention grabber for any brand. Ranging from minimalistic style to embroidered patterns, a Pret outfit highlights the subtle design […]

Win the hearts in Dawat with your classic shalwar kameez

Shalwar kameez is a cultural dress code of Pakistan; with never-ending popularity for ages, it has always been a hot trend in the fashion industry. Representing the grace and traditional significance of enriched roots of Asia, one can never stay out-of-fashion. The new style variations and design sense have expanded its roots, making it a […]

How to add “Char Chand” to your mehndi Raat

The only engaging ceremony that brings families together and spreads smiles and laughter with the beat of dholak your mehndi raat is a perfect event to capture “khandan ka Piyar”.  Mehndi function is the celebration of pre-wedding where the bride applies beautiful henna on her hands, and desi songs are played. With fusion cushions in […]

Why sustainable fashion is important?

Fast fashion is all about following new trends, and this ongoing fashion is a leading cause of pollution because 85% of textiles go to the dump each year. Also, this fashion industry is the second-largest water consumer around the globe. The best way to stop this environmental pollution is by adopting sustainable means of clothing. […]

Top Favorite brides of 2020

Covid-19 has been a year full of surprises. A very happening engagement of fans and followers watched their favorite celebrities tying knots. Many cried their heart out with the unfortunate news of breakups and divorce, but the trend of being “New Favorite Couple” made people’s hearts flutter! Here are some of the “Famous” couples of […]

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