How to add “Char Chand” to your mehndi Raat

The only engaging ceremony that brings families together and spreads smiles and laughter with the beat of dholak your mehndi raat is a perfect event to capture “khandan ka Piyar”. 

Mehndi function is the celebration of pre-wedding where the bride applies beautiful henna on her hands, and desi songs are played. With fusion cushions in yellow, orange, and pink, gaindey k Phool, mehndi is a traditional event to offer you desi “tapy (songs)”, giggles and laughter’s to make your wedding function memorable!

While your rishtedar and cousins are busy getting henna on their hand with the intricate designs, you should make sure everyone is involved and enjoying their best time. Create a perfect plan of your event with the correct to-do list to make sure everyone is entertained.


The theme of mehndi is usually yellow and orange, which represents the vibrancy of this event. A perfect Mehndi ceremony is all about creating an outstanding theme event that speaks about your culture and creativity. To create a happy place with thematic props, you can apply a “rangeen” celebration zone. Twist your events by adding kites, flowers, umbrellas, and jhoomars. Add a comfortable seating floor to bring joy on the faces of your guests with your creativity.

Music Playlist

The selection of songs is the main source of formulating vibes and positive energies. An easy way to ensure your party is a hit you should add the trending songs that will make your guest go crazy. Choose songs that evoke a sense of nostalgia, easy-going, and cheerfulness. You can choose all the desi “tapye” songs to play on dholak and play Punjabi songs that perfectly match your event.

Mehndi Outfit

Wearing yellow on mehndi has been a centuries-old tradition, but with time, the trend is shifting towards wearing comfortable, vibrant colors to create a sophisticated and versatile look. With different designs, the mehndi dress range from gota work to detailed pearl embellishment. You can wear a classic orange Anrakha style dress with a twist of pink and yellow. An intricate design of golden embroidery creates a classic flair.

Desi Menu 

The delicious aroma of food, desi Haleem, Gulab Jamun’s sweetness is what makes people crave for more, and to include all this for your mehndi venue is an easy way to engage people. Look for your mehndi guests’ interest; you can add 2 to 3 dishes of desi pakwan or can add English or French, but one thing on which you cannot compromise is “Taste”. So add up delicious and aromatic food for flavors to make taste buds go WOW!

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