The types of brides in a Desi Shadi!

There is no doubt that desi shadi has a lot to offer other than just fun! It’s not limited to two families trying to make bond but it’s a name of shared cultural and historical traditions, the intimacy of love and care, the acceptance of each other regardless of color or gender; it’s Gulab Jamun in Mithai ka Dabba; it’s the aroma of Shahi pakwan and the big wide smile on faces! Shadi indeed is a promise of staying true to your partner no matter where life leads you. This idea of starting a new life has a different vibe for some; it’s a senti song of “Babul ki duayen leti ja,” and for some, it’s “main Chali main Chali Dekho pyar ki Gali” depending upon the emotions of brides. Keeping in mind how the bride takes the extra mile to make a perfect wedding event, and that’s where the term “bridezilla.”  

Here are three main types of brides you will find in every desi shadi!

Godzilla Bride

These brides love swiping their atm cards to buy everything they want to make a perfect wedding! From buying designer lehnga to throwing a bomb wedding décor, these brides cannot take “sakoon ka saans”. They are the boss of their wedding! Play this song on my entry, okay? Army brings fresh flowers! They pressurize you to bring the best so if you get a chance to meet this bride admire how beautiful everything looks!

Pareeshan (worried) Bride

Have you ever met a bride who is worried about “Larkey way agye Kia?” am I looking pretty or not? How am I supposed to walk in this heavy lehenga? What if I fell? Know that they need your support and a little push! These brides are super worried about every little thing, and you can 

find this from their shaking hands, confused face, and wide eyes asking questions!

Carefree Bride

This bride is a diva! She does what she wants to do and doesn’t need any advice or support because she is chill and cool with everything going on. This bride enjoys loud music, Golgappa plate in her hand, and the desi wedding’s ongoing drama. This type of bride refuses to wear old traditional colors and comes up with their glamorous charm! So when you meet them, do not preach them because your opinions don’t matter to them.

So the next time you encounter any of the above types, keep your head straight and talk about what they need to hear!

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